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Health Insurance Plan Comparison

Short term (Temporary)
Health Insurance

  • Does not cover pre-existing health conditions
  • Provides coverage for 30 days to 6 months.  May be limited to 12 months coverage total per insurance company
  • Easier to qualify (less health screening questions)
  • Lower cost
  • May not offer some benefits (example: doctor copay, wellness benefits, etc.)

Long Term (Regular)
Health Insurance
  • Covers pre-existing conditions (unless stated differently)
  • Coverage available without a stated ending period

  • Full Health questionaire
The statements in this comparison are general in nature and do not reflect specific coverages or provisions at any policy.  The information is for general comparison only.

Information Disclosure
In order to provide the most accurate quote possible, we may need to collect information from consumer reporting agencies, such as driving record, claims and/or credit history. Review our privacy policy for additional information.
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